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Welcome Thailand Customer To Visit Fuguang
Add time:2023-07-27

With the continuous optimization and innovation of FUGUANG products, the improvement of service quality, and good industry development prospects, the FUGUANG brand influence in the domestic and overseas market is gradually increasing, attracting customers from different countries and regions to visit and exchange. 

From July 23 to 24, customers from Thailand visited FUGUANG, and the overseas team & the technical team were received and accompanied.


During the visit to the Fuzhou production R&D center, the FUGUANG team introduced a variety of different new energy battery testing equipment to Thai customers, not only explaining the product features and specifications but also carrying out the practical operations one by one, so that customers have a deeper understanding of the details and characteristics of battery testers. Thai customers are also impressed by FUGUANG's good working environment, orderly production process, and strict quality control.



FUGUANG team led Thai customers to visit the EV power battery repair workshop, they showed the testing and maintenance process of the lithium battery equalization testerbattery discharge-charge unit, and battery leakage tester for the EV battery pack.


The two-day visit and exchange came to a successful conclusion after visiting the EV service station. Thai customers have a full understanding of FUGUANG's comprehensive strengths such as business scale, patented technology, and product advantages, and have fully affirmed FUGUANG's technical ability and production capacity.

Internationalization has become one of the important strategic directions for the future development of FUGUANG ELECTRONICS, and the FUGUANG brand has been exported to more than 40 countries and regions! In the future, FUGUANG will continue to focus on the challenges and pressures encountered by global customers in battery testing and maintenance, adhere to independent R&D and continuous innovation, and bring better product quality to customers!


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