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New Certificate! Fuguang Electronics unlocked the CMMI3 Evaluation and Cerfification
Add time:2023-08-04


Recently, Fuzhou Fuguang Electronics Co., Ltd. officially passed the CMMI3 (Software Capability Maturity Model Integration Level) evaluation and identification reviewed by the CMMI Research Institute quality team, marking that Fuguang's R&D production center is further in line with the international mainstream model in terms of software engineering services and process management capabilities, and its R&D capability has reached the advanced level of the industry.



CMMI is a standard used to assess the maturity of R&D capabilities worldwide. As one of the world's authoritative software certifications, CMMI certification has high gold content and difficult certification. There are five levels, of which CMM13 is an explicit level, requiring enterprises to not only have a set of management measures for the implementation of the project, to ensure the completion of the project; At the same time, enterprises are required to institutionalize this management system and process according to their own circumstances and their own standard processes. In addition to being applied to similar projects, it can also be successfully implemented in other different types of projects.


In the future, Fuguang will take CMMI3 certification as a new starting point, continue to strengthen process management with higher requirements, continuously improve the standardization level of R&D and professional capabilities, continue to create industry-leading products and solutions, further expand market influence, and commit to providing more quality safety services and guarantees for global users!


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