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EVs Battery Testing and Maintenance Solution
Add time:2023-03-17

FUGUANG, specializing in developing, manufacturing, and selling all kinds of instruments for 30 years.

According to statistics, the number of electric vehicles in China has exceeded 10 million by the end of June 2022. While the EV after-sales market shows great potential, there are also various problems such as few EV aftermarket service outlets, uneven service and technical level, and lack of professional EV power battery testing and maintenance capability, which has brought great trouble to EV owners and manufacturers.

- How to keep your electric car battery healthy and ensure your traveling safety? 

- FUGUANG provides self-developed tools to helps you prolong lithium battery service life, improve cruising range capability, and make your test easier!  

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Lithium battery equalization tester (cell balancing): LIFG-CT

Lithium battery discharge-charge unit: FGCD-CT

Lithium battery leakage tester: FQ-80L

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