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FQ Series Battery Leakage Tester | Essential Tool for Battery Manufacturer and EV Shop
Add time:2023-04-14

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FUGUANG FQ-80L battery leakage tester is the latest high-accuracy nondestructive testing equipment developed by FUGUANG. It mainly uses compressed air as the medium to apply specific pressure to the inner cavity or surface of the battery to be tested and then use sensitive sensors to detect the variations of pressure to determine the leakage of the battery pack. It is a professional and essential battery testing tool for battery manufacturers, EV service shops, and EV dealers.

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- Customer: How can I know whether the lithium battery pack is well-packed? How to ensure the battery pack seal integrity? 

- FUGUANG: FQ-80L is professional tool for detecting the air-tightness of the battery pack with max 20W test power. It adopts the pressure detection technology to test the pressure variation inside the pack, and show the testing result on the LCD screen. 

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Lithium battery discharge-charge unit: FQ-80L

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