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Add time:2023-01-30

One-Stop Solutions for EVs Battery Testing & Maintenance

With the increasing number of EVs, there will be a large number of aftermarket maintenance needs in the new energy market. However, the maintenance of motive batteries is generally faced with problems of insufficient maintenance capacity, experience, professional tools, etc.

More and more EVs come out of warranty, causing various battery problems such as cruising range loss and breaking down on the way! Over 90% of issues are caused by cell voltage imbalance!

For solving difficulties of various types of battery pack faults and cell voltage imbalance, FUGUANG launched EVs Lithium Battery Testing & Maintenance one-step Solutions. It can prolong battery service life, reduce the scrap quantity of motive batteries, and help the world achieve the goal of net-zero emissions. 

EVs Battery Maintenance Pain Point!

Range Anxiety & Safety Risk

The maintenance and repair of motive battery packs are closely related to the cruising range of EVs. Cell voltage imbalance will cause cruising range loss, pack faults (under voltage, overvoltage, and short circuits), and even a series of safety accidents.

Limited Service of Post-warranty

Due to the lack of professional battery after-sales service, the battery maintenance of EVs exceeding the warranty period is a very difficult problem for major OEMs. Therefore, all major EV manufacturers urgently need to establish a professional aftermarket team for battery maintenance.

High Customization Demands

EVs of different brands and models often have batteries and communication interfaces of various specifications. The diversity of battery maintenance needs has higher requirements for test equipment manufacturers’ customized development capabilities and experience.

Long Maintenance Period

Currently, the mainstream EV enterprises (except BYD) in the early battery pack maintenance rely on battery manufacturers. However, with EV sales soaring, only depending on battery enterprises to carry out battery maintenance will trigger a long maintenance time and an unsatisfied customer experience.

Lack of Maintenance Tools

There are several problems in motive batteries, including high voltage, high maintenance risk, and difficult O&M. In addition, the motive battery after-sales service is the weakness of the whole new energy aftermarket. The lack of professional and reliable lithium battery maintenance tools makes the after-sales technician unable to find an efficient way to maintain faulty batteries. It can only replace them at a higher price!

EVs Battery Testing & Maintenance Solutions

Cell Equalization——LIFG Series Lithium Battery Equalization Tetser 


Solve the problem of cruising range loss caused by excessive battery drains and improper maintenance.
With high power and independent channel design, supporting equalized charging or discharging cells.

LIFG Series Lithium Battery Equalization Tester is developed to quickly solve cell voltage imbalance. It is an intelligent and high-efficient lithium battery equalization instrument. It supports creating any voltage difference between cells to simulate the battery’s performance under harsh conditions, which is suitable for R&D experiments. It applies to various lithium batteries and is the ideal tool for battery manufacturers, EV manufacturers, and EV service providers. 

Lithium Battery Discharge-Charge——FGCD Series Battery Discharge-Charge Unit 


Solve the problem that the EVs cannot be fully charged or the voltage is insufficient.
Applicable in lithium battery maintenance scenarios with any voltage range of 0-1000V.

FGCD Series adopts advanced discharge and charge technology, with various built-in test modes. It is suitable for discharging, charging, and cycle charge and discharge tests for different lithium battery packs.

Battery Pack Airtightness Test——FQ Series Battery Leakage Tester 


For solving the airtightness performance verification test after unpacking repair. 
High Sensitivity: high sensitivity pressure sensing significantly improves test accuracy and stability.

FQ-80L Battery Leakage tester is the latest high-accuracy nondestructive testing equipment developed by FUGUANG. It mainly uses compressed air as the medium to apply specific pressure to the inner cavity or surface of the battery to be tested and then uses sensitive sensors to detect the variations of pressure to determine the leakage of the battery pack. It can improve customer testing efficiency and product quality with pollution-free, quick, and accurate testing characteristics in the new energy industry.


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