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Solutions | Energy Storage Battery Testing and O&M
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Solutions | Energy Storage Industry Battery Testing and O&M


The Energy storage system is an important part of modern power system and intelligent grids. With the continuous progress of battery technology and the reduction of cost, the electrochemical energy storage system based on Lithium-ion batteries has been developed rapidly and applied in engineering in recent years. Numerous enterprises have entered the energy storage industry because of subsidies but lack of safety awareness, which leads to safety accidents frequently, even causing the loss of life or personal injury and property damage!

How to quickly solve the circulating current caused by imbalanced cells?
How to simulate working conditions to verify the BMS management?

How to safely realize the maintenance of warehousing backup battery packs?

How to ensure the transportation safety of energy storage battery packs?
How to realize the power distribution replacement of the online single pack?


FUGUANG provides multiple intelligent battery testing instruments with functions of discharge-charge test, equalization maintenance, and activation for various types of batteries (lithium batteries (LiFePO4, LiO2, LiTiO), Lead carbon batteries, Ni-Cd batteries, and Lead-acid battery) in the energy storage industry. It helps energy storage users and battery manufacturers with efficient battery testing and intelligent operation and maintenance. 

The main applicable scenarios includes: Energy storage power station O&M testing, Battery manufacture, Battery Testing, Charge and discharge testing in warehousing and transportation.






01 Fault Repair

LIFG Series Lithium Battery Equalization Tester

Solve the problem of low equalization efficiency; time-consuming and laborious of batch battery maintenance in energy storage power station.  

With high power and independent channel design, supporing equalized charging or discharging cells.

LIFG Series Lithium Battery Equalization Tester is developed to quickly solve cell voltage imbalance. It is an intelligent and high-efficient lithium battery equalization instrument. It supports creating any voltage difference between cells to simulate the battery’s performance under harsh conditions, which is suitable for R&D experiments. 


# Discharge & Charge Equalization

Single channel design supports testing and equalized charging and discharging the cells of the module, solving the circulating current problem caused by imbalanced cells.


# Working Condition Simulation

It can create any voltage differences to simulate various problems that the battery will occur under bad working conditions, verifying the BMS protection strategy.



02 Power Distribution Replacement & Backup Pack Maintenance

FGCD Series Lithium Battery Discharge-Charge Unit

Accurately find out fault cells, quickly solve the battery maintenance difficulties. 

Covering lithium battery maintenance scenarios with any voltage range in 0-1000V. 

FGCD series tester adopts advanced charging and discharging technology with a variety of built-in test and maintenance modes. It is suitable for discharge, charge and cycle charge and discharge tests of various types of lithium battery packs.


# Power Distribution Replacement

When replacing the single energy storage battery pack, it can realize the consistency of power distribution for the whole battery group by charging and discharging.


# One machine with multi-function

It has multiple built-in maintenance modes, which are suitable for charging, discharge, and cycle charge and discharge tests in various lithium battery packs.




03 Transportation Safety Solutions

LIFG-8006CT High Voltage Lithium Battery Discharger


1. Designed for the rapid dicharge of high-voltage lithium battery packs. It is suitable for battery pack transportation, repair and battery recycling.

2. The max discharge voltage can reach 800V; and equipped with CAN data bus, which supports reading cell data during discharging.

3. With multiple protections, such as cell over-discharge and over-temperature, host over-temperature, overcurrent and current runaway, reversed polarity connection, etc.


04 Quick Inspection Solution

BM-24S Lithium Battery Voltage Meter


1. Quickly detect cell voltage of lithium battery module, judging the equalization status of the battery group.

2. Equipped with 24 channel voltage acquisition, voltage measurement range DC 0-5V.

3. Portable design, suitable for quick inspection of lithium battery under various working conditions.

FBR-6100NT Battery Resistance Tester


1. Only need to touch by probes to acheive real-time judgment and 2s test, quickly judging the deterioration of batteries.

2. It has the characteristics of high accuracy, good repeatability, and strong anti-interference.

3. Supports operating by mobile APP, testing task and wireless data transmission via blue tooth or WIFI.

05 Emergency Power Supply Solution

BD-20P Portable Energy Storage Emergency DC Power Supply


1. Connect to the DC system when replacing the whole set of the energy storage battery. It is easy to carry.

2. Seamless and quick connect application, improving the continuous work safety of multiple sets of DC power supply.

3. It can be used in DC system reforming and charge module periodical inspection to temporary undertaking DC load

06 Online Monitoring Solution

FBS-9600 Battery Monitoring System

FBS-9600  is the latest battery performance Online Monitoring System developed by FUGUANG. It adopts the advanced “one for one” networking mode to replace the traditional manual maintenance method, monitoring all operating and performance parameters of energy storage batteries online and comprehensively obtain the battery performance status. It can screen out lag cells in time to eliminate safety risks, ensuring the energy storage system runs uninterrupted.



FUGUANG has focused on battery testing operation and maintenance instruments over 29 years, with a complete sales and technology-supporting service network. It always walks at the industry technology frontier to provide customers with high-quality and reliable instruments and equipments.


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