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New Honor | FUGUANG Has Been Awarded “2020-2021 Technology Innovation Contributing Enterprise” by CEESTA
Add time:2021-11-15

The 6th Power Battery Recycling and Utilization Industry Summit took place in Beijing from May 17th to 18th. In this summit, "2020-2021 Famous and Excellent Enterprise in Chinese Power Battery Recycling and Utilization Industry” list has been revealed.


According to the need of power battery in testing and maintenance, FUGUANG provides a full set of solutions for power battery echelon utilization and recycling treatment, which include: power battery cell equalization maintenance solution, lithium battery module discharge-charge maintenance solution, lithium battery pack discharge-charge maintenance solution, electric bus battery maintenance solution, EV maintenance solution and so on, and a batch of multi-scene applied power lithium battery intelligent operation and maintenance equipment. Therefore, we won the “2020-2021 Technology Innovation Contributing Enterprise” award.

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In this summit, attendees gave a detailed and excellent report on hot topics such as echelon utilization and recycling system construction and management policy, echelon utilization and assessment system like residual value, lifetime prediction and so on to build harmless and environmentally friendly recycling technology, echelon utilization application scenarios extension and sharing mode exploration and so on.


To realize “carbon emission peak” and “carbon neutrality”, it is increasingly urgent to vigorously develop industries such as renewable clean energy and new energy vehicles. This year, the report on the work of the government indicates that we will encourage steady increases in spending on home appliances, automobiles, and other big-ticket items. More car parks and electric vehicle battery charging and swapping facilities will be built, and the system for recycling power batteries will be developed at a faster pace.

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In recent years, the sales of consumer lithium batteries have been rising. The industry relies on all kinds of new energy vehicles. The sales of E-bike exceeded 40 million in 2020, and the planned production will reach nearly 60 million in 2021. The price of nickel, cobalt and lithium has continued to rise in recent months, increasing the importance of recycling waste power batteries and materials. The development of power battery recycling industry is of great significance to the reduction of China's dependence on foreign countries, the security of national resources strategy and the development of circular economy.


In the test of power battery, FUGUANG has been adhering to the research and development and innovation of products and technologies. We speed up the selection and classification of retired batteries with the help of professional instruments, and improve the overall efficiency of echelon battery in use through comprehensive maintenance.


FUGUANG is a high-tech enterprise focusing on battery test equipment research and development, production and sales, with more than 20 battery test and maintenance related national patent technology, and also a science and technology enterprise in Fujian Province. We have established good cooperative relations with nearly 100 domestic battery manufacturers, EV enterprises, power enterprises, data centers and so on. All kinds of professional battery maintenance equipment have been applied in batch to the maintenance of energy storage batteries in new energy, communication, power, rail transit and other industries.

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