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Lithium Battery Testing Equipment Brochure
Add time:2021-10-29

Lithium Battery Testing Equipment Brochure

Under vigorous support of country and social needs, new energy industry is developing rapidly, which also calls for a higher requirement of motive battery testing equipment. In this case, testing equipment must keep improving material and innovating technology to ensure quality control of products.


FUGUANG awarded with “2020-2021 Technology Innovation Contributing Enterprise” by CEESTA (China Electronic Energy-Saving Technology Association). We innovate test and maintenance technology constantly. When focusing on battery internal voltage consistency, it also improves test and maintenance efficiency.  Its newly released Lithium Battery Testing Equipment Brochure provides a comprehensive display of all kinds of products of lithium battery test and maintenance in EV industry and multi-scene test and maintenance solutions in FUGUANG. Solving problems such as test and maintenance difficulty and retired battery sharp increase during rapid development of this industry is eternal pursuit of FUGANG.

According to difference of maintenance items and maintenance types in EV industry, FUGUANG customizes 5 battery maintenance solutions for customers in this brochure including: electric bus, EV, forklift, e-bike and energy storage system. Based on professional service team, it helps customers to make maintenance and test more scientific, efficient and accurate, which reflects its customer-oriented purpose and ‘MAKE YOUR TEST EASIER’ idea.


Electric Bus Lithium Battery Maintenance Solution


EV Lithium Battery Maintenance Solution 


Forklift Battery Maintenance Solution 


E-bike Battery Maintenance Solution


Energy Storage System Battery Maintenance Solution

With the support of powerful R&D capability and professional production capability, FUGUANG lithium battery testing equipment involves various application scenes such as equalization for battery pack, equalization for battery module, single channel fast equalization with high current for the cell of unpacked lithium battery pack/ module, maintenance and depot power distribution, equalization maintenance, depot repair for fault batteries, equalization maintenance and fault diagnosis. Real time monitoring and tracking helps to know production line dynamic so that causes of problem products can be quickly found which finally lifts production efficiency, product good rate and its whole performance.


This newly released brochure provides detailed and complete description of product functions which is applied in various EV maintenance and test. Besides, sections like product features and application scenes are also optimized in it. All these improvements complete product system of FUGUANG. FUGUANG will be devoted to assisting customers in their product testing and after-sales maintenance in lithium battery industry on the basis of professional

testing equipment and comprehensive project solutions.

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