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Good News | FUGUANG Products Have Been Selected in 2021 Fuzhou Famous and Excellent Catalog
Add time:2021-12-08

FUGUANG Has Been Selected in Famous and Excellent Catalog

According to the spirit of the document – “Notification announced by the Office of People’s Government of Fuzhou about Issuing Series of Preferential Policies for Enterprises” (RGO [2020] No. 114), the first “Fuzhou Famous and Excellent Product Catalog “in 2021 was officially released. It is valid for 3 years from its date of release.


Four types of products —intelligent battery remote maintenance systemhandheld antenna alignment tester, battery resistance tester and high voltage alarm smart band independently researched, developed and produced by Fuguang Electronics, have been successfully selected in the first “Fuzhou Famous and Excellent Product Catalog “!

This time the review process and finalist threshold of the “Catalog” are strict and high, which require that the declaring enterprise should pass the QMS certification, have no poor credit record and so on. The precondition of being selected this time is that many aspects such as technology R&D of products, production and quality of products and market recognition have strong local influence, and the comprehensive advantages are outstanding.


The successful selection of "Fuzhou Famous and Excellent Products Catalogue" shows the advantages and influence of FUGUANG in technology R&D, product quality, service system, market recognition and other aspects.

For years, FUGUANG has always been dedicated to testing and maintenance technology and test equipment. With the idea that “FUGUANG, MAKE YOUR TEST EASIER”, we constantly research and develop safer, more energy-efficient and efficient new technology and products of maintenance through technology empowerment and thus have been awarded “New High-tech Enterprise” and “Fujian IP Advantage Enterprise”. We possess license for undertaking installation (repair, testing) of electric power facilities(5-level) and more than 40 national technology patents with many customers from various industries like power, communication and new energy. It is our pursuit to quickly transform difficulties and problems that customers may confront in maintenance and test into products and solutions.


Intelligent Battery Remote Maintenance System

BTS with all online technology can realize battery comprehensive monitoring, intelligent alarm, remote capacity checking and emergency cruising in case of ac interruption due to low-battery, ensuring safe and stable operation of system.


Handheld Antenna Alignment Tester

FTA handheld antenna alignment tester is a convenient testing equipment suitable for planning, constructing, optimizing and maintaining of antenna feed system and can realize unification of the management of base station antenna, maintenance personnel and operation and maintenance equipment, which upgrades operation and maintenance work of antenna feed system to the scientific and auto intelligent aspect. This tester fills the gap of this industry and its technology is in the international advanced level with patent protection. FTA is widely popularized and applied in communication antenna maintenance field and brings operators security to promote stable construction of 4G network and planning and construction of 5G network.


Battery Resistance Tester

FBR-6000NT series is new generation handheld test unit of FUGUANG which could quickly, visually, and conveniently judge battery deterioration with features of high accuracy, good repetition consistency and strong anti-interference performance. It also supports wireless transmission, test data uploaded to cloud management platform, mobile APP control and work order distribution, all of which make it an ideal test unit for quick inspection of batteries.



High Voltage Alarm Smart Band

Based on IoT communication, the smart band integrates approach electricity alarm, health monitoring, remote management and other functions. When personnel with the band approaches or enters by mistake into live working zone, the band would alarm the personnel to avoid electric shock accidents caused by illusion and error by means of emitting a continuous vibration and prompting on screen in a safe distance. It effectively protects personal safety of inspection personnel and boosts inspection efficiency, realizing digital and intelligent management of electric power inspection.

In the future, FUGUANG will commit to develop independent innovation technology to provide safer, more environmentally-friendly, more convenient and quicker professional testing products and services for customers!

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