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IDCE-8100 Pro Wireless Battery Capacity Monitoring System
IDCE-8100 Pro Wireless Battery Capacity Monitoring System
● uitable for any type batteries of 48V and UPS systey
● Powerful capacity estimation function
● Wireless testing, convenient and efficient
● Up to 4 groups of batteries can be monitored at the same time
Wireless transmission of data collected: real-time monitoring the battery voltage and current, and record all the change in value of battery discharge process, data collection fast and accurate, and support wireless transmission data.
A variety of monitoring modes: users can choose the battery group online discharge monitoring, online charging monitoring and long-term online monitoring three modes.
Powerful capacity estimation function: built-in battery capacity analysis function model, estimated the remaining capacity of each battery by collecting a short time (5 mins) online discharge data.
Calculate the backup time of battery groups: calculate battery group backup time based on estimated capacity and load current.
Multi-cell monitoring: each wireless monitoring module can monitor 4 batteries(2V/6V/12V) simultaneously, not subject to the number of cells.
High accuracy: the special group terminal voltage calculation method, effectively eliminate the measurement error caused by the connection line; system (current clamp, wireless monitoring module) with the function of field calibration to improve the test accuracy.
Wireless module address editing function: wireless module address code can be flexible to set and revise.
Security frequency band: use the different frequency band from other equipment, low power consumption, does not affect the normal operation of other equipment on the scene.
Large touch screen: 5.7 inch color touch screen, large screen display data, easy to operation.
Built-in alarm function: for lag batteries or other abnormal circumstances, the system will beep warming and record the alarm information automatically.
Multi data transmission interface: USB and RS485 data transmission interface, support wireless WIFI connection.
Optional: intelligent analysis terminal, wireless current clamp.



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