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FBR-6100NT Battery Resistance Tester
FBR-6100NT Battery Resistance Tester
FBR-6100NT Battery Resistance Tester

 5in. Touch LCD  More plentiful interface display, more precise, smart and convenient by touch operation

3s Quick Test  One touch by test probe to proceed, 3 seconds for the single battery test. The system saves data quickly and judges in real time.

 Efficient & High Accuracy  High test accuracy, repeatability and anti-interference. The best choice for standby battery routine inspection.

FBR-6100NT Battery Resistance Tester is a new generation handheld battery tester of FUGUANG™, which can quickly,intuitively and conveniently judge the deterioration of batteries (lead-acid batteries, lithium iron phosphate batteries and nickel-cadmium batteries, etc.). It has the characteristics of high accuracy, repeat consistency and anti-interference. It is an ideal tool for rapid battery daily check.


Data Visualization

Users can directly view the test data as statistical tables and histograms on the host to quickly and intuitively locate the problem battery
Touch Screen Operation
All operations are completed by touch, and the large screen display is more plentiful and the operation is easier
Smart Naming
Support users to name the tested battery packs, which is convenient for test data identification and management
Quick Test
The test just need one touch by the probe, the single test time can as fast as 3s. The system saves data quickly and judges in real time
Accurate Measurement
Using the isolated sampling and new digital signal processing technology greatly improve the anti-interference performance of the test, and the consistency of the re-test is high. Even in the UPS machine room with severe ripple interference, the battery test can also be performed stably and accurately
The resistance range adopts Auto-Range to simplify the test operation.The accuracy of the test is also guaranteed when the performance of the each cell in the entire battery pack is very different or unclear
Fail Battery Judgment
Set the standard reference value and alarm value in advance, and directly analyze the SOH of the battery according to the test results
Single-Person Operation
The matching tester package fully fits the requirements of the test field operation, freeing up your hands. You can view the test data at the same time during the test, and a single person can easily complete the test task
Retest Function
If there is any misoperation during the test, you can quickly locate the target cell, quickly retest and automatically cover the original data
Multiple Test Items
support battery voltage, resistance, conductance and connector impedancetest
Mass Storage
3GB internal memory, can save more than 5000 sets of test and analysischart data, each set of data can up to 500 cells
Data Transmission

The test data can be exported to the PC by a USB-disk



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