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Vocational Training Solution for EV Power Battery Maintenance
Add time:2024-01-17

According to statistics, the shortage of professional technicians for EVs after-sales, repair, and maintenance will reach 100,000 people annually. FUGUANG specially builds an EV battery training room solution integrated with power battery’s teaching, research, training, and social service for EV maintenance talents; To cultivate technical and skilled talents engaged in EV maintenance in the new energy industry, especially those who master the skills of debugging, maintenance, and repair of motive batteries, system integration, sales, and other related work.

Leveraging the advantages in the EV power battery maintenance equipment industry, large market share, and profound expertise in battery maintenance technology, FUGUANG combines the current status of power battery core curriculum development in schools with all aspects of testing throughout the entire process including power battery structure, test, and intelligent maintenance to create an EVs battery integrated training solution that integrates battery’s teaching, research, training, and social services. 


With a deep understanding of battery testing technology and the EV industry, FUGUANG will help students and teachers quickly engage with the industry's leading test technology and skills. Meanwhile, graduates can be recommended to customers of FUGUANG preferred to get the opportunities to practice in the first well-known manufacturers.



Power Battery Struction & Testing Integrated Training Platform

Provides motive battery structure training, realizes actual practice and operation to learn and explore the battery structures and specifications.



Power Battery Intelligent Maintenance Integrated Training Platform

Provides fault recognition, position, repair, and maintenance training of motive batteries and supports simulating working conditions.

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