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HONOR | FUGUANG was elected as the Executive Council Organization of the National Energy Storage Technology Industry and Education Integration Community
Add time:2023-12-29

In November 2023, the founding conference of the National Energy Storage Technology Industry and Education Integration Community was held in Ningde City, Fujian Province.

The community was established under the guidance of the National Non-Ferrous Metals Education Commission, the Fujian Provincial Department of Education, and other units, aiming to play the leading role of leading enterprises, social organizations, and high-level colleges and universities to help the national energy strategy and ecological civilization construction.

At the first plenary meeting of the Council of the Community, FUGUANG ELECTRONICS was elected as the executive council member organization, and new energy industry manager Mr. Pang (fourth from the left in the picture) attended and accepted the award on behalf of FUGUANG.


FUGUANG, a professional supplier of lithium battery O&M instruments in the world, provides maintenance equipment in batches for the world’s top motive battery manufacturers; offers complete lithium battery testing and maintenance solutions and high-quality devices for customers from well-known EVs enterprises and the energy storage industry, helping customers in various industries carry out efficient battery testing and intelligent O&M.

Leveraging the advantages in the EV power battery maintenance equipment industry, large market share, and profound expertise in power battery maintenance technology, FUGUANG combines the current status of power battery core curriculum development in schools with all aspects of testing throughout the entire process, including power battery structure, testing, and intelligent maintenance to create an EVs battery intelligent testing and maintenance service center that integrates power battery teaching, research, training, and social services.

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