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FGCD Series Battery Discharge-Charge Tester | Make Your Test Easier!
Add time:2023-03-24

FUGUANG, specializing in developing, manufacturing, and selling all kinds of instruments for 30 years.

FUGUANG FGCD Series Battery Discharge-Charge Unit is suitable for all kinds of lead-acid and lithium battery packs in the market. For aftermarket maintenance of high-voltage EV battery packs, FUGUANG launched a brand new FGCD-K30NT Battery Discharge-Charge Unit with a maximum output voltage of up to 1000V! It owns a wider voltage range and better test performance.

FGCD-A200CT logo.jpg1679627151333623.png

- Customer: How to extend the cruising range of my electric vehicle? 

- FUGUANG: FGCD series battery discharge-charge tester helps you solve this problem. It supports 3 test functions including charge, discharge, and cycle, which are able to screen out lagging cells. Besides, it can better exert the battery performance and effectively improve the discharge capacity of battery packs. 

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Lithium battery discharge-charge unit: FGCD-CT

High-Voltage Battery Discharge-Charge Unit: FGCD-K30NT

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