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C19P Lithium Battery Inspection Tester

C19 is a portable instrument for discharging and charging maintenance of e-bike battery with quick inspection and screening functions. It can display real-time working status, testing duration, voltage, current and other data. And multiple stop thresholds can ensure test safety. The tested data can be transmitted and downloaded through wireless communication, which is convenient for customizing maintenance solutions further.

 E-bike Aftermarket: battery pack discharge and charge test and maintenance.

Multiple Working Modes: it can perform discharge, charge and cycle discharge and charge tests for multiple module cells.
Communication Methods: RS485, bluetooth, and other remote communication methods.
Safety Protections: it supports cell voltage and temperature monitoring, and provides multiple stop thresholds to ensure the discharge and charge test safety.
Parameter Preset: it supports parameters presetting of different battery packs and one-button start; and supports administrator mode so that the parameters can be adjusted within the voltage range.
Data Record: the internal memory that supports test records auto-saving, and data can be downloaded via wireless communication.


Model C19P
AC Input single-phase three-wire 220VAC, frequency range: 40-60Hz
DC Input input voltage: 30-80VDC
Communication RS485
Data Download bluetooth, RS485
Data Acquisition harness acquisition (acquisition box and acquisition harness are optional)
Voltage Accuracy ±0.5%FS Max voltage range: 80V
Current Accuracy ±1%FS+0.1A Max current range: 10A
Protection Input overcurrent/overvoltage; output overcurrent/over-temperature
Test Voltage Range 10-80V dc
Test Current Range 0-10A
Charge/Discharge Protection strings overcharge/over-discharge/over-temperature; battery pack fault alarm shutdown
Host Shutdown Protection over-temperature, overcurrent and current runaway
Polarity Reversal Protection
Abnormal Protection Power cord/main cable lose power protection
Dimension (mm) 400 x 225 x 155
Weight (kg) 5.5

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