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ABE-2550NT Lithium Battery Discharge-Charge Unit

ABE-2550NT can discharge, charge, cyclic discharge and charge multi cells in the battery module with cells sampling display, ensuring cells not to be overcharged or over discharged. It is suitable for maintenance and testing for various types of lithium battery.

Battery Manufacturers: storage, after-sales
EV OEMs: battery maintenance
Service providers: discharge-charge and quick match of battery module in after-sales maintenance

Multiple Modes: support discharging, charging, and cycle discharging and charging multiple cells in the battery module.
Date Record: display various data such as module voltage, cell voltage and current curves and so on; support creating data report, which is convenient for after-sales judgement integration.
Multiple-protection: provide multiple thresholds to avoid cell over charging and over discharging, ensuring the safety of battery and unit.
Intelligence: full touch operation, intelligent prompt and judgment, suitable for on-site testing.
Parameter Preset: discharge-charge parameters can be customized.
Portable Design: easy to carry and transport.
7-inch LCD Touch Screen: a big-size LCD can display real-time data and graphs and support the click operations, humanized designs simplify operating process.




Power Supply

AC 176-264Vfrequency range: 4060Hz

Discharge Current Range & Accuracy


Discharge Voltage Range & Accuracy

2.5-25V±0.25%FS±5mV 0.01V adjustable

Charge Current Range & Accuracy


Charge Voltage Rang & Accuracy

2.5-25V±0.25% FS±5mV

Charge Mode

4-stage charging (constant current1, constant current2, constant voltage and limited current, floating charge) customized according to actual needs

Working Mode

Multiple working modes optional (charge, discharge and cyclic charge and discharge)

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