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Updating News!| Lithium Batery Testing Equipment Brochure 2023
Add time:2023-05-22

NEW! Lithium Battery Testing Equipment Brochure 2023

The updated lithium battery testing equipment brochure 2023 is coming! View and find suitable battery testing tools to make your test easier!

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Highlight1: More complete test devices

Multiple instruments for lithium battery maintenance, including Lithium Battery Equalization Tester, Lithium Battery Discharge-Charge Unit (different voltage levels), Battery Leakage Tester, etc. Intelligent systems and multiple functions can quickly find problems with batteries to make battery tests more efficient!


Highlight 2: Optional integration toolkit

The overall tooling solution for responding to the needs of industry customers for integrated test solutions which are along with the development of test scenarios and requirements.


Highlight 3: Industry Solutions

The diversity of application industries means that there are also differences in the testing and maintenance requirements for lithium batteries. FUGUANG customizes 5 special testing and maintenance solutions for customers in the brochure, including EVs, eBuses, E-bikes, Forklifts, and Energy Storage Systems.


Highlight 4: Vocational Training Solution for EV Motive Battery Maintenance

The 2023 edition updated a brand new solution for Vocational Training. FUGUANG especially builds an EV battery training room solution integrated with motive battery's teaching, research, training, and social service for EV maintenance talents; To cultivate technical and skilled talents engaged in EVs maintenance in the NEW ENERGY industry, especially those who master the skilles of debugging, maintenance, and repair of motive batteries, system integration, sales, and other related work.





While pursuing the material and spiritual harvest of all employees, FUGUANG specializes in energy-saving and safe battery testing and maintenance solutions to provide professional and digital intelligence integration services for clients from the New Energy, Power Electric, Data Center, and other industries.

For your interest in the detail of the brochure 2023, please scan the QR code on below, and contact us via email: global@fuguang.com


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