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Solutions | Electric Bus Battery Maintenance
Add time:2023-05-04

In 2021, China's vehicle standardization work will thoroughly implement the "New Energy Vehicle Industry Development Plan (2021-2035)", provide solid support for the high-quality development of the new energy vehicle industry. In the field of new energy vehicles, strengthening safety guarantees has become a top priority.

Batteries are the heart of new energy vehicles, accounting for about 1/3 of the cost of the entire vehicle. Maintaining good battery performance is closely related to the safe driving of vehicles and the control of material costs.

Demand & Solutions

The motive battery pack is a whole composed of many cells. The subtle differences of each cell will gradually amplify as the charge and discharge cycles increase during use. 

The actual capacity of the battery pack conforms to the barrel principle, that is, the actual pack capacity depends on the lowest cell capacity (the pack capacity ≤ the lowest cell capacity * cell quantity of the pack). It will greatly reduce the battery life. And the equalizing system that comes with the battery pack has low efficiency, and it is difficult to meet the needs of lithium battery balancing maintenance.

FUGUANG provides a complete set of maintenance solutions for lithium battery buses, and can customize test and maintenance equipment for clients. Solve the problems during actual use, like unbalanced voltage between cells, large voltage drop after equalization, poor equalization effect and large voltage difference before leaving factory.

▲ Major Clients

Solution-1:Pack/Module Equalization

The LIFG series tester is an intelligent and efficient lithium battery equalization maintenance instrument, which is used to quickly solve the problem that inconsistent voltage of lithium battery pack. Meanwhile it supports to make the voltage difference of any battery, which can be used for research and development experiments to simulate what problems will occur when the battery reaches the maximum voltage difference under harsh working conditions. It is suitable for various types of lithium battery packs and is the best tester for battery manufacturers and distributors.


The simultaneous charge and discharge equalization mode is adopted to greatly improve the equalization efficiency by 2-3 times and solve the problem of capacity reduction caused by pseudo-fault. Each cell channel operates independently, which can solve the problem of low voltage of a single cell, and it has a voltage clamp function to ensure the equalization effect.

The 7 inch LCD touch screen for easy operation and showing various parameters real time.

Solution-2:Single Channel Fast Equalization with High Current

LIFG-0530CT can quickly and accurately maintain the cells with a large voltage drop in the lithium battery module, realize the cell capacity test, SOC adjustment, and battery string voltage difference adjustment.
The constant current charging and discharging mode is adopted, and the maximum charging and discharging current can reach 30A. During the test, the cell voltage and current are detected in real time, and the accumulated charge/discharge power is calculated to ensure the consistency of the maintenance effect.

Solution-3:Maintenance & Factory Inspection

FGCD series testers adopt advanced charging and discharging technology, built-in a variety of test and maintenance modes, to help manufacturers complete the discharge, charging and charging-discharging cycle tests of lithium battery packs. The wide voltage range design, suitable for discharging, charging and activation tests of different voltage levels battery pack.


It supports communicating with BMS by CAN, and obtaining the battery pack's ambient temperature, cell voltage and current and other parameters through the BMS system, and changing the input/output current in real time to prevent the battery from overcharging and overdischarging. To a certain extent, the problems of poor consistency, low charging efficiency and inability to fully charge the lithium battery pack during charging are eliminated.

FUGUANG will continue to pay attention to the development of the electric vehicle industry, provide customers with more professional and high-quality maintenance solutions, help customers accurately detect and maintain faulty battery modules, extend the life of the battery, to ensure the mileage of the vehicle. Let customers' maintenance and inspection work become simpler, convenient, efficient and accurate!

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