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New Honor! | FUGUANG won the “Data Center Technology Achievement Award”
Add time:2022-11-16

At the "2022 Data Center Standards Summit", hosted by the Data Center Working Group (CDCC) and held in Beijing on Nov 9, the "2022 Data Center Science and Technology Achievement Award" was announced.

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With the advanced technology, good application effect of technical solutions in data centers, and outstanding advantages in energy-saving and O&M, FUGUANG won the annual Technical Achievement Award together with other 40 enterprises such as Tencent, Huawei, Ali Cloud, ZTE, etc.

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FUGUANG independent innovation and development of the "All-online battery discharge safety and Energy saving Maintenance Technology”, through the DCDC technology to improve the online power supply voltage, so that the tested battery pack can supply power to the online load equipment with constant current or power, thus realizing safe and energy-saving discharge of the tested battery pack. Truly solve the difficulties of current technical maintenance from three levels of safety, energy-saving, and efficiency.


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In the future, FUGUANG will continue to innovate and provide more secure, convenient, and economical instruments, as well as battery testing and maintenance solutions for customers from the new energy industry, promoting the low-carbon, green and intelligent development of data centers to help the world achieve the goal of "Net-Zero"!

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