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New Product | FGCD-K30NT Battery Discharge-Charge Unit
Add time:2022-09-19


FGCD-K30NT is the latest charging and discharging device from FUGUANG for high-voltage lithium battery packs, with a maximum output voltage of up to 1000V. It has multiple built-in testing and maintenance modes, which can perform discharge, charge, cycle discharge and discharge tests for various types of lithium battery packs. It is an ideal instrument for after-sales maintenance of high-voltage EV motive batteries and storage and maintenance of lithium battery packs.


EV After-sales Maintenance: support charge and discharge test for battery packs to verify the capacity cruising range is as expected.
Warehousing Maintenance: it can perform regular maintenance for stock batteries and set charging and discharging cycle test.

Transportation Safety: discharge the battery packs to reach the transportation standard and charge arrival battery packs to perform the SOC calibration.


Multi-function: It integrates charging, discharging and cycle  test into one unit for solving various maintenance tasks of battery packs.
Wide Voltage Range: the test range covers 200-1000V, which can meet the maintenance requirement of various battery packs.
Intelligent System: A 7-inch LCD touch screen with humanized UI design simplifies the operation process.
Multiple Test Modes: It supports constant current and constant power testing modes, which can simulate actual loading operating modes of the battery pack to fully test the performance.


CAN Communication: multiple protocols used for communicating with BMS can be built-in.

Parameter Preset: It supports presetting parameters to improve test efficiency.


Multiple Protections:  It can set various shutdown protect conditions. During the test, the device will auto stop when the state of battery pack reaches the preset threshold values.

Data Management: data can be auto saved during the test, and can export by USB disk.
Software Updating: It supports local upgrading and protocol extension to meet customized requirements.

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