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Solutions | Rail Transit Battery Maintenance
Add time:2022-09-07

Solutions | Rail Transit Battery Maintenance


With the rapid construction of urban rail transit in recent years, China's cumulative length of urban rail transit operating line has been growing continuously:

·         It had increased from 4152.8 km in 2016 to 9192.6 km in 2021, at a compound annual growth rate of 17.2%.

·         It is predicted that China's cumulative length of urban rail transit operating line will exceed 10000 kilometers in 2022, up 15.2% year on year.

In the future, China's ordinary railways, high-speed railways and large and medium-sized urban rail transit will continue to be built on a large scale, and the demand for locomotives, D-series High-Speed trains, Subways and other vehicles will continue to expand. The rapid development of urban rail transit in China cannot be separated from the support of high-quality system devices. The power system is the foundation to ensure the stable operation of each system, and the battery, as an important component of backup power supply, is often the last barrier to support the stable operation of each system in emergency.




FUGUANG provides a full set of intelligent maintenance instruments and equipment and complete solutions for the battery testing and maintenance of the rail transit industry to meet the demands of testing and maintenance of batteries in rail transit.

1.      Battery remote intelligent O&M---FBS-9600

2.      Voltage and resistance quick inspection---FBR-6100NT

3.      Battery Charge and Discharge Testing---FGCD Series

4.      Cell activation---ABE-2612CT

Solution 1: FBS-9600 Battery Monitoring System

FUGUANG FBS-9600 can perform Real-time Monitoring, Scientific Assessment, Risk Alarm and Remote Maintenance to batteries in online operation, which will improve the maintenance efficiency and effectively prolong the battery service life.


01 Intelligence

It has built-in advanced algorithms and estimation models, which can accurately estimate battery capacity and power-on time. It also supports various optional functions such as remote charging and discharging, online equalizing, leakage monitoring and so on. 


02 Advancement

"One for One" networking mode; 24 hours continuous online performance monitoring; real-time intelligent alarm.


03 Centralization

It can realize the centralized management, intelligent management and maintenance to the battery groups of all monitoring centers in its jurisdiction area.


Solution 2: FBR-6100NT Resistance Tester


FBR-6100NT Resistance Tester can judge the deterioration of batteries quickly and intuitively. It has features like high accuracy, good repeatability and consistency and anti-interference.


01 Quick Test

The test time can be as fast as 2s, and the data can be saved automatically, realizing the real-time judgement to the battery deterioration states.


02 Data Processing

Strong data processing ability can create test data charts in various formats, which can be viewed on the screen.


03 Cloud Management

After uploading the inspection data to the intelligent battery cloud management platform, it can perform classification, statistics and analysis to various types of testing data, and create special battery files.


Solution 3: FGCD Series Battery Discharge-Charge Unit

FGCD Series Battery Discharge-Charge Unit is a testing and maintenance instrument adopted advanced charging and discharging technology, which can perform verification discharge test and capacity test for batteries in rail transit, and screen out the lag cells, ensuring the stable running of the rail transit power system.


01 One machine with multi-function

It has multiple testing functions such as discharge, charge, cycle charge and discharge and wide voltage range design. The voltage of the whole series products covers 2-630V.


02 High-efficient Charging

Complete three-stage charging method (constant current-constant voltage-float charging) can improve charging efficiency.


03 Intelligent System

It adopts intelligent operating system and supports wireless data transmission to realize the battery test based on IoT.


Solution 4: ABE-2612CT Intelligent Battery Discharge-Charge Unit

ABE-2612CT can perform the capacity test according to the actual situations of the battery. It adopts the low voltage and constant current charging, and supports setting multiple discharge and charge cycles to activate the active materials on the lagging battery's plates, improving the capacity of lag batteries and prolonging the battery service life.


FUGUANG has been devoted to provide high-efficient and intelligent testing instruments and maintenance solutions for the rail transit clients for a long time, and its products cover various industries of subway system such as Vehicles, Electromechanical, Power supply, Communication and so on. FUGUANG has become an excellent supplier for many subway companies. The high-efficient, intelligent and convenient maintenance method has won the unanimous praise of the industry customers, helping the rail transit O&M testing.


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