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New Energy Subsite

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In 2022, FUGUANG released the New Energy Subsite to provide customers with better service and experience in new energy industries. You will be quicker to learn about our new energy products and their solutions.

After repeated debugging and modification, the subsite to the new energy industry customer experience and demand-oriented, compatible with the PC and mobile terminals. It supports Chinese and English browsing versions with 5 sections: Product Center, Solution, News Center, Contact, and About Us. Fuguang to ensure customers a safe and efficient lithium battery test and maintenance.

One-Stop Solution

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01 Main Image

The site adopts green as the main tone to highlight the environmental protection theme. The main image shows the applications and product advantages of FUGUANG instruments in a combination of diagrams and text.

02 Product System

The product system section directly presents FUGUANG complete sets of intelligent maintenance equipment via vivid function icons. Six core product lines construct FUGUANG’s new energy product matrix. Click icons to learn the details and specifications of the related products now!

03 Solution

The solution section emphasizes core applications through a clear hierarchical structure. Click to see detailed solution architectures, product advantage comparisons, applications, real cases and other information.

04. Main Customers

FUGUANG lithium battery test & maintenance instruments have already been widely applied by world-famous lithium battery manufacturers, electric bus manufacturers, electric vehicle manufacturers, and energy storage customers.

05 News Center

The news center section takes you to know the latest FUGUANG news and related cases in new energy industries.

How To Find FUGUANG New Energy Website?

1. Scan the QR code to enter directly

2. Copy the following link and directly visit the website


Welcome to visit, browse and explore FUGUANG's new energy website. If you have business cooperation intentions, you can contact us through the Contact or Message on the website.


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