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Solutions | FUGUANG Constructs Intelligent Monitoring System for Substation Communication Power Supply
Add time:2022-02-08
Monitoring System Solutions for Substation Communication Power Supply
With the quick development of long distance UHV power transmission network, the scale of power communication transmission network correspondingly increased. The increased quantities of power communication transmission equipment and business types, the gradually complicated network structure and many other factors put forward higher requirements for reliability, stability and sustainability of communication power supply system within substation. Communication power supply is the power foundation of power communication network, while the main task of communication power supply monitoring system is to ensure safe operation of the power system in power communication network.
FUGUANG communication power supply monitoring system can configure monitoring items according to user requirements and realize telemetry and remote data collection of communication power supply equipment such as high-frequency switching power supply and DC power supply distributed in each substation. It can also monitor operation conditions of communication equipment power supply system, upload and save operation data of communication power supply equipment in real time and detect malfunctions in time which contribute to the improvement of reliability and stability of power supply system for substation communication power supply.


Substation power supply system

At present, substation communication computer and communication equipment are in the direction of intellectualization, formed a good network management system. However, the power supply system and operation environment of these equipment are in isolated operation which makes it difficult for personnel to effectively monitor their state in the central station. From analysis of communication and computer system operation, it is found that power supply system and operation environment of equipment have already become the key factor to restrict safe operation of communication and computer network, therefore, real-time centralized monitoring of power supply system operation and environment is particularly important.

System architecture

(Monitoring System Architecture)

Substation communication power supply monitoring system collects operation data and conditions of communication power supply equipment distributed in each substation communication machine room like high frequency switching power supply, DC power supply, variable DC power supply and inverter power supply and uploads data to the central monitoring platform.

01Data Acquisition

System platform monitors the real time operation parameters of input, rectification, inverter, output and other various modules in high frequency switching power supply and variable DC power supply in real time, including real time data and conditions of all kinds of modules such as input voltage, output voltage, bus voltage, battery voltage, current, frequency, temperature, state of charge and discharge, output power supply of modules, state of modules, undervoltage and overvoltage, overcurrent, ground connection state and so on.

(Communication Power Supply Analog Quantity Monitoring)

By system monitoring app, real time power distribution parameters can be viewed and curves of corresponding parameters will be shown. Also, relevant history records (lists and curves) can be queried.

All communication power monitoring data should be sent to the centralized system for unified processing, and connected with the communication management system through the standard interface. Centralized systems, monitoring units, monitoring modules and other communication power monitoring systems shall adopt standard interfaces for data interconnection.

02 Alarm Management

(Communication Power Supply Alarm Monitoring, Uploading and Interaction)

In communication power supply monitoring system, operation and maintenance personnel on duty can set the normal value range of monitoring voltage, current, power and other data according to actual needs. When corresponding alarms pop up, system, according to the set alarm level and division of responsibility and authority, will inform corresponding administrators of alarm information in the form of phone voice, text messages and so on so that it can be processed in time.

03 Resource Management

(Equipment Information Configuration)

Power supply monitoring management modules are added which could be added information of power supply equipment such as locations, types manufacturers, IDs, protocol names, place in service date and so on.

Once input, multiple systems can share data. Centralized system maintains equipment standard names and other data is shared with communication management system to maintain and manage equipment IP addresses and monitoring points.

04 Authority Management

(Authority Management Interface)

Supports decentralized and domain management. Distribute function and data authorities according to user roles and regions.

(Operating Records in APP)

The system mainly completes the function of permission granting and permission verification. The permission granting realizes the operation permission of a user to a function of the module, and forms the permission database. It realizes granting by assigning roles to users. Permission verification judges whether the user has operation permissions for a certain function of a module through a defined permission database. It is designed with filters, through which all the operations in the system users will operate need to pass.

05 Remote Operation

In the system, users could add or remove remote management projects of battery groups including operations like capacity checking, sulphur removal/maintenance, and start/end testing.

BTS series distributed battery groups remote intelligent operation and maintenance system provides comprehensive remote intelligent operation and maintenance such as real-time monitoring, alarm, all online operation and maintenance and emergency voltage boost cruising for backup battery groups of power communication power supply.

06 More Functions

In order to better combine the future safety production requirements and new technology applications, based on necessary functions, the system can be equipped with more different functions, like 3D panorama and mobile APP.

(Machine Room 3D View)

3D effect picture of the communication power supply machine room can be added to this system to present internal situation of it. Through visual view, the operation state of monitoring equipment can be shown more directly and monitoring and maintenance work of communication power supply can be carried out better.

Application Benefits

(Monitoring System Terminal Control Room) 

FUGUANG constructs monitoring system for substation communication power supply realizing real-time remote monitoring and management of substation communication power supply system, which improves the stability and reliability of power supply for communication equipment and provides powerful technical support for automatic management, intelligent operation and scientific decision. It reduces workload of operation and maintenance personnel by finding out the abnormal conditions of operation for communication power supply equipment accurately and timely, which effectively raises the level of management and operation and maintenance.

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