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Solutions | The Application of BTS Series Distributed Battery Group Remote Intelligent Operation and Maintenance System in Backup Power Supply Operation and Maintenance
Add time:2022-02-08

The Application of BTS Series Distributed Battery Group Remote Intelligent Operation and Maintenance System

 in Backup Power Supply Operation and Maintenance

Back up battery is essential to ensure the power supply of core equipment after ac interruption. Intelligent operation and maintenance can not only improve SOH of batteries, efficiency and the ability of systems to cope with power off risk in all industries, but also effectively prolong service life of batteries and reduce carbon emission which is very important to realize “carbon emission peak”.

BTS with all online technology can realize battery comprehensive monitoring, intelligent alarm, remote capacity checking and emergency cruising in case of ac interruption due to low-battery, ensuring safe and stable operation of system.


Backup Power Supply in a Base Station
For enhancing reliability of power supply system, communication power supply should be ensured to be smooth every moment and uninterrupted. According to cannikin law, battery power supply capacity is completely restricted to lag cells.



In order to ensure the reliability of backup power supply, it is needed to strengthen daily monitoring and maintenance of backup power supply and promote emergency power supply capacity so as to realize the reliability and effectiveness of backup power supply system.

BTS constructs intelligent monitoring systems for power communication power supply backup battery group, realizing comprehensive intelligent operation and maintenance such as real-time monitoring, early alarm, all online operation and maintenance and emergency voltage boost cruising of power supply system and battery.

01 Real-time Monitoring, Prompt Alarm

***Cell Monitoring Interface
Monitor characteristic parameters of batteries such as voltage, Internal resistance, post temperature, busbar voltage, group voltage and current in real time; analyze SOH of battery group; accurate alarm

***Cell Internal Resistance and Voltage Comparison
Internal resistance test value VS battery discharge voltage value
It is obvious that a high internal resistance value goes with a low discharge voltage value, the reverse is also true. The reference value of internal resistance is very meaningful.

02 All Online Discharge and Charge, Safe and Efficient

***Power Supply System Dynamics Monitoring Picture
Monitor important nodes of power supply system; adopt all online battery discharge-charge technology realizing ultra-low power consumption and almost no heat while discharging; provide a load for battery group to avoid waste

***Intelligent Three-stage Charge
Remote constant voltage limit current charge; simulate three-stage charge (constant voltage—limit current—trickle) of the intelligent charger to make the battery group more saturated, avoiding overcharging caused by big current charging when group voltage is unbalanced, which will shorten the service life of battery group

***Discharge Plan Setting
BTS installations installed at all sites can be connected to the monitoring platform through the Internet. The platform shall set the discharge plan and incorporate all battery groups to be tested into the operation test plan, simultaneously conducting mass online discharge-charge maintenance work. Compared with the original situation that one machine room with groups of batteries was tested by one person, operation and maintenance efficiency have been greatly improved.

03 Supply Power Emergently, Improve Cruising Time

***Rectifier Voltage and Group Voltage Curve
Switch out to discharge and when busbar voltage reaches 50V, the system automatically activates voltage boost cruising function. With voltage boost value keeping at the level of 50.5V, battery group voltage drops from 50V to 35V. Particularly, when voltage drops at the value between 44V and 35V, the system more discharges a capacity 89.9AH, prolonging cruising time.

***Cell Capacity while Discharging

***Internal Resistance Value of Each Cell
The lowest capacity percentage of #8 cell at 1.8V is 64%, which matches the internal resistance reaction capacity state. With the voltage boost technology of the system, the power supply capacity of battery groups can break this restriction, that is fully using the remaining capacity of other healthy cells in the battery group to prolong cruising and power supply time of battery which plays a crucial role in emergency cruising.

04 Intelligent Management Platform

***Intelligent Management Platform
The platform can realize functions on the battery group being tested like real-time battery parameters display, real-time discharge & charge data display, historical data viewing, malfunction alarm and power cut cruising time judge and display through its visual safety management technology. Besides, battery performance analysis, trend analysis, statistic analysis and professional reports can also be conducted on this platform.

***Multi-Dimension Battery Data Analysis
After collecting operation and maintenance data of battery groups being tested, the platform will perform intelligent analysis on data, effectively accessing the performance and service life of battery groups to guide and access the mode of operation and maintenance. With big data accumulated, it can carry out various researches on battery operation and maintenance technology.

New Direction

The intelligent, efficient and fine operation and maintenance mode of BTS greatly improves the efficiency of operation and maintenance and emergency power supply cruising capacity of backup power supply battery.

Meanwhile, centralized and systematic control is the current development trend of power supply monitoring systems. At the request of comprehensively improving the guarantee of power communication power supply system, from mere battery improving to communication power supply system monitoring, FUGUANG constructs intelligent monitoring systems for power communication power supply.

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