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Application Case | Lithium Battery Equalization in EV Industry
Add time:2021-09-01

Application Case | Lithium Battery Equalization in EV Industry

EV Battery Pack

The development of EV is inseparable from its core component - battery. At present, the main factors restricting the development of EV battery technology are battery safety and capacity density. EV manufacturers continue to increase battery energy density in pursuit of cruising range. How can we ensure its safety?

FUGUANG LIFG series lithium battery module equalization maintenance tester can quickly solve the problem of inconsistent voltage of battery pack, avoiding the influence of overcharge and over discharge caused by inconsistent voltage on the cell. It can eliminate capacity deviation caused by self-discharge and inconsistent coulombic efficiency and has the characteristics of high precision, fast maintenance, safety and reliability, wide range of use (ternary, lithium iron and lithium titanate, etc.)  and so on, which significantly improve consistency of battery pack and working life of motive battery.

Meaning of Cell Equalization

Motive battery packs are usually made up of hundreds of cells, and although they are carefully selected before leaving factory, there are still subtle voltage differences between cells. With the increase of charging and discharging cycle in use, the difference between cells will gradually enlarge which greatly reduce their working life. Regular equalization maintenance to keep the deviation within the expected range and ensure that each cell in normal use to maintain the same state can finally avoids the occurrence of overcharge and over discharge and prolongs battery working life.


  • Low equalization efficiency
  • Maintenance of batch batteries is time-consuming and laborious
  • Balance cell voltage before leaving factory
  • Difficult after-sales service in balancing cell voltage difference


Lithium Battery Module Equalization Maintenance Tester