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IDCE-CT Series Battery Discharger & Capacity Tester
IDCE-CT Series Battery Discharger & Capacity Tester

Bluetooth Wireless Module for1.2V/ 2V/ 6V/ 12Vbatteries voltage monitoring

Each wireless module can monitor 4 batteries simultaneously comparing with the traditional method that each module only canmonitor 1 battery, the new wiring operation become easier because the quantity of new modules needed is only a quarter of old-fashioned modules. (only 6 new wireless modules for 48V battery groups)

Available for offline & online discharging test of multiple battery groups (up to 4 groups) IDCE-CT can simultaneously record the actual discharge currents of each battery groups in the test.

The discharge current is continuously adjustable and automatically keep stable during the online discharging, the current displayed in LCD = the discharge current of battery group = the current created by main machine + the current of the actual load. Because during the discharging the current of the actual load probably changing according the decrease of the online voltage, IDCE-CT main machine can automatically adjusted to keep the current stable in the whole testing

Offering manual function for setting the battery number which voltages below the threshold value this design could help you to locate more lag batteries in once constant discharging

Support to connect several IDCE-L extension loads in parallel IDCE-CT can connect more than one extension loads and fulfill the synchronization control in the discharging

Applying the electric heating component made by aeroalloy for the power consumption section new generation material level up the coefficient of safety and the transition rate between electricity and heat, meanwhile reduce the volume and weight

Automatic calculating function for the discharging current. IDCE-CT installs the discharge current formulae for all hour rate sinternally, so the setting interface can tell users the suitable discharge currents without manual calculation according to the marked capacities of battery groups and the testing hour rates

Real time detect and display the voltage data of each battery during the discharging and display the histogram of all batteries to follow the battery voltage tracks in whole discharging process, using the different colorsto highlight the lowest and the highest voltage can simplify the analysis of the variety of battery voltages

The presetting function for discharge parameters IDCE-CT provide 8 locations for setting up all discharge parametersin advance.

Intelligent judge program IDCE-CT can identifythe situations that the battery voltages reach the threshold value or the signal missing by manual mistake.

8M internal memory IDCE main machine can record several sets of data independently.

Flexible power supply mode adopting AC&DC double power supply modes is available for the discharge test of a variety of telecom equipment rooms and base stations

5.7 inch colorful touching LCD screen the big touching screen can fulfill the click operation on the screen easily and directly, and show all parameters and the voltage histogram in the discharging process

Allow connecting with PC during the discharging for downloading the real time data or use USB memory devices to download the integral data after the discharging process, PC analysis software assists users to analyze the data and create test report

Smart Data AnalysisSoftware

Support data downloading and analyzing through real time communication or USB memory devices

The software interface includes: battery voltages curve and bar chart, battery resistances bar chart group voltage curve, current curve, capacities histogram, data form and so on

Powerful capacity estimating function, the software can predict the capacity of each battery in the tested group

The software shows the data by various ways like bar charts, curve, and form. And users can magnify or minify any windows to read more details

Automatically create EXCEL data report, it's so convenient to send or download the data



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