FTA Series Antenna Position Tester
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Full-featured: set a variety of professional instrument in one.

Supports network optimization road test: it can capture the important parameters of 2G/3G/4G networks.

High accuracy: can be used as a professional GPS instrument

Professional 3 protections: suitable for high altitude operations

Open systems that support a variety of customization features

FTA Series Antenna Position Tester

FTA series Antenna Position Tester is a convenienttest instrument for the planning, construction, maintenance and optimization ofantenna system. The professional built-in precision sensors and data transceiver modules support collecting parameters of antenna systems like the azimuth, tilt and roll angle, latitude and longitude, 2G/3G/LTE wireles sparameter accurately. The professional interference degaussing sensor hasensured the accuracy greatly. Testers support GSM/TD-SCDMA/LTE/CDMA/WCDMA and other network type.

Test is simple and efficient: one-touch test with single hand, autosave, one-touch uploading, Data Synchronism; get data of azimuth, title and roll angle, latitude and longitude, height and engineering specification simultaneously in one test.

Professional sensor design: each tester is calibrated before they leave the factory to ensure the accuracy of test results.

Military protection design: the highest IP-68 protection level, with waterproof, drop resistance and dustproof function, is the best tool for field operations; equipped with strap holder and securitypack.

Data transmission: apply to 2G/3G/4G network, support wifi, Bluetooth and other ways of data transmission.

Professional network optimization road test instrument: capture the engineering specification of mainand adjacent region, support 2G/3G/4G network switching and lock. (EG. TDD-LTE, it can get the engineering specification: ENB_ID, TAC, ECI, signal strength, frequencypoints etc.) In addition to the TD-LTE parameters described above, FTA test front end can also get the following wireless engineering specifications: Band, EARFCN, PCI, Downlink Bandwidth, RSRP, RSRQ, SNR etc.

Intelligent open platform system: support customized development of various practical functions, such as intelligent positioning, automatic screening of test data, etc., to improve the accuracy and convenience antenna data acquisition.

Dual mode positioning: Beidou + GPS dual mode positioning, high sensitivity, positioning accuracy can reach <5m, comparable to the professional meter level GPS instrument.

Multi-channel docking: to achieve multi-channel docking with the data management platform, uploading by data network/WIFI; data management platformtiming and timely sending different types of tasks, to achieve a seamless joint between the tester and the backstage.

Base station unified centralized management: base station survey function module, a single antenna for the collection of new station’s parameters, a large number of photos and site information.

Intelligent navigation mode for station seeking: show the site on the map which is on the resource table. Support direct display the main and adjacent region that testersearched.

Hardware configuration: 4/8 core high-speed CPU, 800w pixels the high-definition camera, large-capacity storage, large-size high-definition display.

Backstage Management System

FTA antenna information management platform can achievethe unified management of base station antenna, maintainer and the instrument. It’s a comprehensive operation and maintenance management platform combined with a variety of functions to achieve the antenna test data upload, test tasks issued by the work order, fault handling and personnel management etc. So that makes the antenna system operation and maintenance management more scientific, automatic and intelligent.

FTA Antenna Test System is an open system that supports docking with the antenna manufacturer's data. Can be customized plant room inspection, assets management, transmission of resources management and other functions.

Management System Advantage

BS / Antenna information resources synchronization management: Innovative operation and maintenance management, unified management the base station resources of different network type.

Data Management: Display information in a tree list; update task and data in real time; to achieve intelligent import, export, maintenance, field display; test data for long-term preservation, and can give an alarm of test data difference threshold alarm.

Save data in real time: save information “maintenance/ company/ tester” in real time and associated with uploading test data, to make the relevant information more evidence-based, then to facilitate the effective management of third parties, and improve work efficiency.

Data report generation automatically: Filter according to different types of field data and base station information, export excel, pdf report, provide a reliable basis for your management.

Multi channel upload: maintainer can upload data by 2G/3G/4G/WIFI, to ensure timely and effective data transmission; at the same time the system open dedicated channel can dock other management platform.

Multiple encryption technology: using wireless network encryption technology to issue work order, upload and backup data to ensure information security.

Technical ParametersResolutionAccuracyResolutionAccuracyResolutionAccuracy
Azimuth Angle0.01°0.01°0.01°
Title Angle0.01°0.5°(±90°)0.01°0.5°(±90°)0.01°0.5°(±90°)
Roll Angle0.01°0.01°0.01°
GPS Range0~10m0~5m
Basic Function

calibration, sending test tasks, sleep mode,on-site framing,

one touch test, base station antenna automaticpositioning

Positioning ModeGPSGPS+Beidou
Protection LevelIP68IP54IP68
Network TypeGSM, WCDMAAll network type
Transmission ModeWireless network, WIFI
Communication PortMini USB
Battery Capacity2600mAh3200mAh3000mAh
Temperature Range-30° C ~80°C-30° C ~80°C-30° C ~80°C
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